12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Sleeps on Cloud Supportive CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam

The mattress guarantees the restful sleep that you need to thrive. It offers outstanding support but has a soft, comfortable surface, making suitable for all body types and sleepers.Built with Air Plus Foam™ technology, the mattress molds itself to the shape of your body and quickly adjusts when you move. It relieves pressure points at the hips and shoulders, aligns the spine and provides support to the back. It’s as close as you’ll get to sleeping on clouds. The open cell structure and N-Cooler™ technology of the mattress cover wicks away your body heat, leaving you cool all night. It also has Ultra-Support Foam™ that has zero sinkage for 20 years.

Our return & refund policy and 20 year warranty get you 100% satisfied!

Still hesitant? Try our FREE sleep trial. We deliver you our mattress to you for a free trial for 20 days. You can experience it first before paying, just like shopping in a mattress store.


We Excel By Standing On The Shoulders Of Mattress Technology

Our 2 Mattress Models Memory Foam Mattress Latex Innerspring Mattress
Firmness rating (10 firmest) 5.5 7
Sleep cool rating (10 coolest) 8 9
Bounce (10 most bouncy) 7.5 9
Respond time (how long it takes for mattress to kick back) 1.5s 0.2s

12 inch memory foam mattress details

High Performance N-Cooler™ Cover

A fabric that truly “breathes”, like a “natural air-conditioner”. Its natural fiber has rejuvenating properties that reduce fatigue and slow the skin’s aging process.

Superior ”Air Floating” Layer

Our Air Plus Foam™ is made with patented Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) process. With this technique, we produce foam that conforms to your shape, gently cradling your body and relieve pressure points. A response time of 1.5 seconds makes it stand out compared to other memory foam. It’s like sleeping on clouds.The foam’s open cell structure free flow of air to remove heat and moisture, which allows you to sleep cool.

Premium Sag-Free Ultra-Support Layer

Our Ultra-Support Layer is engineered with industry-leading standards to provide the best quality support. With its triple-support system, the mattress will have zero sinkage even after 20 years of use.

N-Cooler™ Fabric – Not Only Cool But Also Addictive
 knitted mattress cover

The science behind the fabric’s cooling properties: Treated with cold plasma, N-Cooler™ dries 5 times faster than ordinary fabric. It is made with 4-channel fiber that quickly wicks sweat away from the skin, leaving it cool and dry.

  • N-Cooler™ also converts excess body heat into infra-red waves that radiate away from the body. As a result, the temperature of the mattress is reduced by 4-8 degrees. That’s why the N-Cooler™ acts like a natural air-conditioner.
  • All-natural rejuvenating fiber: N-Cooler™ has over 10 types of minerals and amino acids that are essential to the body. When they come into contact with the skin, these natural compounds improve the ability of body tissue to self-heal. The result? The body repairs itself, getting rid of fatigue and slowing the skin’s aging process.
  • Say goodbye to slippery mattresses: When we designed our mattress, we thought of every last detail that can enhance the user’s experience. The bottom of the mattress cover has a rough surface to prevent the mattress from sliding around on its frame.
  • Completely bio-degradable: Made without any petroleum or chemical substances, the N-Cooler™ can be broken down into carbohydrates by microorganisms. 0 emissions, 0 pollution.
  • Machine washable: The mattress cover can be cleaned easily. There’s no reason not to have a fresh mattress.

Float Like You’re On An Airbed, Sleep Cool Like You’re On Foam

Directly under the N-Cooler™ cover is the Air Plus Foam™. It is manufactured using Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology. The science behind Air Plus Foam™: Unlike ordinary foam, VPF foam is made in a closed chamber where temperature, pressure and moisture are easily controlled. That’s why VPF technology produces foam with consistent density, which makes it performs better than ordinary foam.

Sleep light: Through VPF, we create 7,000,000 independent micro cells in the foam. Imagine sleeping on 7,000,000 micro air beds that are bonded together! Those cells keep their form while squeezing out and breathing in air as pressure changes when you move. That’s how we make Air Plus Foam™

why mattress cool

Sleep cool: Airbeds does well in contouring you and they respond to your movements quickly. Sadly, they sleep hot. They cannot wick away sweat or dissipate body heat. But Air Plus Foam™ solves the downsides of both ordinary foam and airbeds.

The enhanced open cell structure created by the VPF process is filled with lots of freely flowing air that carries extra body heat and sweat out of the mattress and into the air, leaving you cool and comfortable at all times.

Now you have the best of both worlds; the responsiveness of an airbed and the coolness of a foam mattress.

Responsive: Ordinary memory foam needs 8 seconds to bounce back. When you turn, the place where your body was remains sunken, making it hard for you to change positions. Air Plus Foam™ rebounds in 1.5 seconds. So no matter how you move, you will find that the mattress keeps up, relieving pressure points and offering amazing comfort.

Ultra-Support Foam™  – The Secret Of 0-Sinkage For 20 Years

Say Goodbye To Backache!

An ordinary foam mattress will develop an impression of the body after the first year of use. It may even sag or collapse at the edges. Eventually, the mattress stops providing support. This can cause backache. But our Ultra-Support Foam™ is totally different. It provides support on three levels:

Level 1: physical structure

We apply industry-leading temperature control technology to the foam. The result is a stable mutual-support structure between foam particles. The structure makes the foam tough enough to withstand pressure without changing its form.

Level 2: high density

The higher the foam’s density, the better support it provides. The density of Ultra-Support Foam™ is twice that of ordinary memory foam.

Level 3: thickness

For your comfort, we spare no cost. We use the best materials and technology to create an 8.5” foam layer that provides exceptional lumbar and back support.

12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Sleeps on Cloud Supportive CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam Sunrising Bedding

This Mattress Is Perfect For You If…

—-You want balance between plush comfort and solid support. Compared with our other models, this mattress has medium firmness. It guarantees minimal sinkage without being table-top hard.

—-You want more pressure relief on your back, shoulder, waist, hip and legs.

—-You change positions often during sleep

—-Your partner and you need different levels of firmness in a mattress. This mattress splits the difference between extra firm and extra soft

—-If you or your partner tosses and turns. The motion isolation of the mattress makes sure that one person’s movement won’t wake the other

—-If you hate sleeping hot

Whether you sleep on your stomach, side or back, the mattress will work for you. The low response time of the memory foam means the mattress adjusts quickly when you change positions in your sleep.

So no matter how you like to sleep, the mattress will provide support while relieving pressure points. All at the same time.

Our 12 inch memory foam Mattress VS Mainstream Retail Mattress Brands

Queen size Sunrising Bedding Mainstream Retail Mattress Brands
Price $399 $1500-$2500
Sleep trial Try it at home for 120 nights. No need to test the mattress in the company of pushy salespeople. Some retailers only let you try the mattress in the store, only for a few minutes. With sales staff using high-pressure sales tactics.
Return Process We will refund your money and collect the mattress from your home.No fine print that will surprise you later. You won’t have to lift a finger. Many stores hedge against losses by charging a restocking or return fee. The fee can run into hundreds of dollars.
Warranty 20 years warranty. 10 years warranty.
Reviews “Sunrising bed is the best priced value premium” – Honestmattressreviews When buying in-store, information is not readily available.
Mattress Cover High performance N-Cooler™ Cover: a fabric that can truly “breathe”, like a “natural air-conditioner”. Its natural fibre can reduce your fatigue and slows the skin’s aging process. Typically come with a standard cover that does not dissipate bodyheat as you sleep

Our Mattress Fits On Any Frame

It fits perfectly on the floor, on an adjustable base, on a box spring or on a flat/slatted frame

fit all frame


sleep trial

Sleeping on Sunrising mattresses is addictive, but if for any reason if you don’t like it, we will help you return or donate the mattress and offer you a 100% refund. Check our easy return & refund page.


12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Sleeps on Cloud Supportive CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam Sunrising Bedding

Our memory foam is CertiPUR-US® certified which means it is made without formaldehyde, flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates or ozone depleters. The manufacturing process climates unsafe additive agent and allows for less chemicals, which means less bad odor and less toxins.


free shipping

Your mattress will be compressed and rolled in a box and shipped by UPS. Click “BUY AMAZON” on top of this page and order from Amazon. The mattress will be at your doorstep in 5 days!

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